Demystifying Your AMS Implementation: Insights from the Experts

On-Demand Webinar | May 22, 2024

Is your organization gearing up for - or in the midst of - an Association Management System (AMS) implementation? Don't let common challenges derail your journey. Join our implementation experts to address implementation FAQs and get crucial insights to help navigate this process confidently. Topics will include:

  • Strategy and Project Planning
  • Integrations and Reporting
  • Data Migration
  • User Training and Adoption
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Meet the Speakers!

Shatananda Circle Crop

Noel Shatananda

Noel comes with over 30 years of professional services and software development experience. Since 2004, he has led the delivery of technical solutions to associations and nonprofits. Noel is known to promote a culture of strategic solutions internally and externally. He provides executive leadership and ensures fusionSpan’s technologists deliver seamless service and client advocacy in strategic consulting, digital experience design, Salesforce & AMS Implementations, Salesforce Managed Services, Training, and Data & Integrations. In his words, “When we enable clients to be the best they can be, we succeed; it’s just the by-product of fully empowering passionate human beings.”

Rhoni Rakos Headshot

Rhoni Rakos, fusionSpan

Rhoni is a digital strategist and customer experience designer who focuses on a data-driven approach to user-centered design. She has had extensive experience in UX, CX, UI, user research, and technology strategy/roadmapping at a breadth of companies – from startups, to consulting firms, to in-house at associations – and over time, she found a strong desire to work exclusively with mission-driven organizations. Through her work at fusionSpan, she has been able to help harness the power of technology, and intuitive, powerful user experiences across digital ecosystems, to maximize the impact organizations are able to have.

Rhoni serves as the Co-Chair of the Programming Committee for Association Women Technology Champions (AWTC) and serves on the Technology Professional Advisory Council for ASAE.

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